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Meet the Host: Colin McClure

He’s had a finger in many Sunday Assembly pies over the years, and he’s our intrepid host at Sunday’s LGBTQ+ assembly for Pride month. Let’s unwrap the enigma that is… COLIN McCLURE… What’s your favourite thing about SA? It’s the opportunity to appreciate (others, music, new knowledge, life, tea) and […]

Meet the community: Ana Piferrer

Ana’s been a part of the community since 2016, and can usually be found in day-glo on-stage of a Sunday morning! What’s your favourite thing about Sunday Assembly?My favourite thing about SA is the people I’ve met. The understanding and acceptance from the community never ceases to blow my mind.  […]

This week’s Sunday Assembly

Today, the options and freedoms on offer to LGBTQ+ people living in the West are greater than ever before. But is same-sex marriage, improved media visibility and corporate endorsement all it’s cracked up to be? At what cost does this acceptance come? And who is getting left behind, particularly in […]