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We’ve come a long, long way together…

Sunday Assembly invites all our very dear friends, members and strangers from around the UK to join us for our latest national Mega Sunday Assembly at 11am 21st of March. The day marks exactly one year since Sunday Assembly Manchester began hosting weekly assemblies every Sunday, and to mark this, […]

About A Board

At the Assembly on 18th October, there was a quick introduction from the Board of Trustees of the Sunday Assembly charity. But who are these mysterious (but lovely) people, and what do they do? What’s their connection with the actual assemblies? There are easy answers to these questions, but a […]

Sit On The Fence Or Take A Stand?

August is (nearly) over and the sky is doing lots of rainy stuff, which means that the summer picnic season is over and regular Assemblies are starting again. Well, not entirely regular, as we can’t go back to Conway Hall yet, but online regular. We’ll be kicking off on September […]

How to Care Intensively web listing

How To Care Intensively

Here we are, still locked down but there’s another assembly online so there’s something good in the world! Our main speaker, Jay Jayamohan, is a consultant paediatric neurosurgeon at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, star of two highly acclaimed BBC documentary series following the work of neurosurgeons, and author of […]

The Science of Celebration background of fireworks

The Science of Celebration

Being alive is pretty much the one thing that people of all faiths and none can agree on – although there are always a few exceptions. I’m looking at you, living-in-a-simulation people with your long leather coats and still rather stylish sliding phones. Sunday Assembly was founded on the principle […]

Please bear with us…

This website looks weird. It’s almost as though nobody has written anything on it since last year. I’m sure there were loads of posts just a couple of weeks ago. And there were! Unfortunately, some bad humans tried to hack the Sunday Assembly website and so we’ve had to revert […]

Pippa is a Glorious Idiot

We’ve just returned from A Conference Called Wonder in San Diego – an incredible few days of living better, helping often and wondering more with Sunday Assemblers from all over the world. It was extraordinary, and we’re looking forward to sharing the magic with you. The first slice of magic […]

Celebrate SALA’s birthday online this Sunday.

Many Assemblies around the world are celebrating their Birthdays this month, and Sunday Assembly Los Angeles are treating us to a guest post from one of the leaders of their community, Ian Dodd. Take it away, Ian! Last November, on the occasion of Sunday Assembly Los Angeles’ 2nd anniversary, one […]

Two Strangers, Three Minutes, One Big Question.

  What happens when you put 200 people in a tent, pair them off and give them three minutes to answer life’s big questions? A few weekends ago in the Sunday Assembly Tent at the Wilderness Festival we did just that, with an hour of Philosophical Speed Dating. Myself, Community […]