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Meet the community: Nicole Holgate

Nicole’s been coming to Sunday Assembly London for a while, and she’s currently part of the comms team, as well as getting involved in a few other areas of the community.

What’s your favourite thing about Sunday Assembly?
My favourite thing is the singing. I am in the choir but also love the chance to let loose from the audience on other weeks and wail along to some silly pop songs, classic ballads, or rock and roll belters!

How long have you been coming along?
I’ve been coming to SA for just over two years, after first attending a Live Better group to get to know a few people.

What are you involved in?
I volunteer in the SA Comms Action Team, which is a work in progress but I tend to focus on social media. I also sing in the choir which means turning up to practise every Wednesday and getting to one Sunday Assembly a month very early. And I am now a facilitator for Live Better groups.